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Shigidar Ltd.

Shigidar Ltd. Import and export Military grade connectors, connectors for electronics, power connectors, waterproof connectors, sealed connectors, circular connectors, rack and panel connectors and multipin connectors. High power industrial connectors with anti vibration locking. Bayonet and threaded versions. Power and signal pins combined in one connector. Marine type connectors for ships and submarine. Socapex compatible round connectors. Industrial connectors with IP67 rating or better. Crimp pins or solder pins. Straight plugs and right angle plugs. Synchro to digital converters, resolver to digital converters, synchro amplifiers, motion control devices.


8 Electronics Categories - Shigidar Ltd.

Cable Connectors (73 other websites)
Industrial power Connectors
D/a Converters (13 other websites)
Synchro to Digital Converters, Synchro amplifiers.
Electrical Connectors (74 other websites)
Industrial Electrical Connectors IP67
Electronic Component & Products Traders (67 other websites)
Electronics Components import and distribution
Electronic Component Distributors (46 other websites)
Electronics Components import and distribution
Electronic Connectors (64 other websites)
Electronic Connectors sealed and waterproof
Electronic Equipment Repair Service (6 other websites)
Industrial control Repair laboratory
Multi-pin Connectors (32 other websites)
rack and panel multi pin Connectors, circullar Connectors