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Omni Displays

Omni Displays
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Omni Displays is an authorized distributor of TFT, LCD and plasma screens. Omni is uniquely positioned to offer competitive pricing and superior service to a broad array of customers in diverse markets. We distribute parts for Sharp, Samsung, Digital View, CheiMei and many others... M150X4, M150X5, M170E5, M170E5-L0A, M170E7, A190, M190E3, M190E5, M210, N121L2, N121X 5, N140A1, N141XA, N150P5, N150X3, ... TFT Displays. AUO. Boe-Hydis. Chi Mei ... N140A1, V420H1, M170E5-L0A, N141XA, M190E3, M210, N150X3, V470H1, A190, V201V1, N150X7, N150P5, V201V2, N121L2, M190E5, N121X5, , V270W1, M150X5, V320B1, V370H1, V296W1, N154L1, V230W1, M170E5, M170E7, N154Z1, M150X4


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