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Maxcom Technologies

Maxcom Technologies
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Maxcom is market leader in IP-CCTV, NVR & DVR, Access Control & Biometrics, Intrusion Alarm and many other low voltage systems. Our expert Engineers install & maintain systems in many commercial, residential, large corporations & retail chains around the UAE, Maxcom is authorized by Dubai Police to supply & install security systems, All of our products are also police approved and meet tough compliance specifications, built to integrate smoothly. Our main area of specialty is Remote & Mobile Monitoring, creating central management systems for our clients to view & control their multiple locations simultaneously. We also provide Annual Maintenance Contracts along with any new private & police regulated,as well as providing Annual Maintenance Contracts for systems not installed by Maxcom. Our team has over 30 years of experience in the electronic security systems. striving to bring innovative products and reliable services to the UAE, for several years many reputed organizations and individuals trusted us with their security requirements.


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