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CCTV Cameras | CCTV Camera UK online CCTV Supplier of professional grade CCTV Systems,CCTV Cameras,CCTV DVR Kits,Covert CCTV Camera,CCTV Monitors & CCTV accessories all at wholesale prices.Easy DIY CCTV DVR Kits with Plug 'N' Play cables , no prior CCTV knowledge required. All CCTV Systems support remote monitoring on Laptop, PC or compatible Smart phone including IPhone,IPad,Tablet PC and also on NEW Generation of Smart TV's supporting Android APPs. The evolving software APPS now allow CCTV owners to take control of there own CCTV monitoring - realtime alarm conditions can now activate notification alerts on Smart phones , allowing you to view realtime video of alarm conditions & additional remote control of DVR relay ports allow activation/de-activation of Sirens, Strobes to warn off intruders. All this now controlable via Smart Phone!!!!!


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massive range of CCTV Cameras - from consumer CMOS eyeballs to Sony Effio Domes
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